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Character Info

Characters Name:
Esther Blanchett
Characters Age: 17 years old
Series: Trinity Blood
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Alias: Sister Esther




Esther was born a princess, being the daughter of the price of Albion. She wasn't aware of this, though, since at birth she was sent away to live elsewhere as a means of protecting her. Her parents died shortly after she was sent away, and she grew up in a church with another nun being the only mother she ever knew. All while growing up she had only been told that Vampires had killed her parents, and this brought about a great hatred within her towards them.

One day, a priest from the Vatican came to visit and help with some problems with vampires they had recently been having. He did help out greatly, but by the end of all the events, her only home, the church, was burnt down to the ground, and her 'motherly figure' had been killed.

Not knowing what to do, Esther leaves with Abel Nightroad to go to Rome and sort things out. Her life changes dramatically after taking this simple action... Esther eventually becomes Abel's own assistant, and learns that not all methuselah are worth hating.



Esther displays a remarkable kindness; a sense of selfless concern for the welfare of others that tends to betray her young age and even goes so far to work against her former feelings of disdain toward the Methuselah race (or vampires). One could attribute this part of her personality to a number of different people in her life: Bishop Laura Vitez had been like a mother to Esther before her untimely death at the hands of the military forces of Hungary, being the only family that she had ever known and guiding her in both the ways of life and the faith. But where the pieces once fell with the loss of the bishop, they were picked up once again by the traveling priest known as Abel Nightroad through the use of a few kind words (“I am on your side.”)

Esther is NOT however JUST sweet an innocent, despite her kind nature she can also act quite audacious and immature, especially when provoked by her seemingly carefree traveling companion Father Nightroad. Esther also harborsa deep affection for her confusing partner, although neither of the two seem willing to recognize it as a genuine romantic interest. Esther also developes a close relationship with the Emipre's Count of Memphis Ion Fortuna. It is unclear of what these feelings should be classified as, however, it's very clear that Ion Views Esther as a love interest.

A darker side to Esther is created when she undergoes a life changing betrayel by her former friend Dietrich von Lohengrin. Dietrich decieved Esther into believing they shared similiar pasts and goals relating to the Vampires, but it turned out that Dietrich was merely using Esther like a puppet. Dietrich's true sadistic nature emerges in his moment of betrayel when he tells Esther that he enjoyed watching her trying so hard to accomplish her goals, despite its futility. Hurt and angered from the manipulation of her trust and emotions Esther seeks to stop what both Dietrich and the Organization seeks to accomplish through her role as an AX agent. By becoming an AX agent Esther continues on to better understand herself and what she wants out of life.



-Easily relatable
- Strong willpower and work ethic
-Charming personality
-Surprisinly strong emotionally despite her traumatic past.


-Occasionally Oblivious to many things
-Short temper
- Despite her underlying anger for him, Esther is clearly drawn to Dietrich in an unhealthy way, which is made more obvious in the manga.
- The mystery of her unknown lineage
- No real super dupers special powersss.... Jesus power.

Other Important Facts:

A vivid star-shaped birthmark adorns her left side, marking her as Albion's "Star of Hope" which is also proof of her royal lineage ( the meaning of which she is not currently aware of)

Oh, and Application which is pretty much the same information is here


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